Promotion of ICON radio

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Promotion of ICON radio

Post  Ariensky Crowley on Sun May 29, 2011 11:01 am

I have made this post, asking for feedback in the TSW forum:

We have a YouTube channel:

We are still building up the organisation, how to manage, what our core goals are.
Hence we can not (I think) ask people to tune in yet, but we can ask them for feedback.

Also I think the website, youtube spots etc. can be channeled into us already making a logo, breakers etc.

and of-cause we can broadcast without risking anything atm. trying out software and just trying to DJ Smile

Thank you for all your hard work already. As we grow in contents, we can ask more and more to tune in Smile

Kind Regards
-A∴ Crowley

Ariensky Crowley

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